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Welcome to The Pamodzi University and congratulations for choosing us to be part of your professional career development. The University appreciates your motivation of taking the first step on what is likely to be one of the most exciting journeys of your life. Whatever you plan to study, whatever your background, we can help you on the road to professional and personal success. To find out more, navigate to the faculties page or download our current prospectus.

The Pamodzi University aims to offer high practical quality education standards in a competitive environment to meet the increasing demand of the local and international market by:

Providing a practical high quality educational product; acceptable to the modern industrial customer in Zambia.
Providing competitive fees acceptable to the sponsors and the community.
Providing skilled manpower with relevant practical experience relevant to the modern industries.


The degree of The Pamodzi University is aimed at producing graduates with a broad outlook and range of knowledge, who are capable of adapting to the different roles they may be called upon to perform after graduation. At the same time, graduates with minds well trained in critical thinking and with sufficient depth of knowledge and insight to be able to analyse problems in fundamental ways. To achieve this, the degree programmes combine exposure to a wide spectrum of knowledge with considerable depth in some restricted or specialized area.

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